The different stories of Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you had a lovely time with your loved ones.

I share here various myths and stories about the origins and significance of Valentine’s Day:

1. It marks the death anniversary of St Valentine who died in mid-February in 270 AD.

2. This day in history was less about love and more about violence according to USAToday.

3. St Valentine was beheaded by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus for secretly getting couples married.

4. The day can be traced to “Lupercalia”, a Roman festival for fertility. 

Date celebrated – Every year on February 14.

Colours associated with Valentine’s Day – Red and white.

Associated symbols – Cupid, lovehearts, chocolates, love birds, romantic songs, poems and I love yous.

14 Feb, the colours, Hallmark cards, movies and Whitney Houston invoke feelings of love and affection.

5. Apparently, St Valentine used to wear a ring with Cupid on it

6. Historians consider the poemThe Parliament of Fowls‘ written by English author, Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382 as the origin of this celebration. This is a bit controversial, and you can read more here.

7. This Wikipedia page tells you about how different countries celebrate this day.

Have a lovely week!

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