Want help to deal with toxic people ?

I am sure we've all met toxic people at some point in our lives, be it boss,cousin or neghbour. Here are 12 effective ways to deal with toxic people-click here

A love poem-we finally say, I love you

Develop. Inspire. Transform.

Photo by abdul samad on Unsplash

like scenes
in an
uncommon mystery

dejection gives way,
and inside
we feel
that glow again, nay


burning bright,
without naught,
is alright

making sense
holding the promise
of yesteryear

a kiss,
and a wish,
given to you, silently

whilst you slept,
so lovingly,
without notice
or a commingled
promise kept

two hearts
beat as one,
as light
enters the room,
the fragments
of loss felt

and, then
what’s left…

and me,
forever true,
as we finally say,

I love you

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Avoid regrets…Do something while you can

You are about to die soon. Will you have any regrets? Do you want to do anything about it while you can? Interesting article on life regrets-here Edith Piaf-Non, je ne regrette rien Have a nice day!

4 simple ways to let go of the ‘control freak’ in you

If you are a control freak or if you work with one, fret not! Here are 4 simple ways to let go for greater sense of peace-click here

My article got a Pingback-so excited!

Hi, I restarted blogging a few weeks ago after a long break. I'm excited that my article on The difference between ‘bourgeois’ and ‘bourgeoisie’ got included here. Thank you 'From guestwriters'. It was a happy surprise... Bon week-end!

Calling all Sir David Attenborough & Adele fans…

Watch Attenborough narrating popstar Adele's Hello. https://youtu.be/enu-qR0H_uk Image sources-wikipedia

Shane Warne loved his pizza!

Sadly, the legendary Shane Warne is no longer with us. There have been countless articles on his cricketing prowess so I won't talk about that here. But, just like his bowling, his commentary was entertaining too especially his love for pizza . Check it out: Video resurfaces of the time Shane Warne IGNORED his cricket... Continue Reading →

Interesting lines from the book ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport

For 'Deep Work'- Be bad at email- don't feel obliged to reply to every email at work or at odd hours. Being on email all the time is not being productive.Embrace boredom - get comfortable doing nothing, don't reach for the internet, do use self-discipline.Don’t do something just because it offers "some" benefit - only... Continue Reading →

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