An invitation to become a ‘flyingbubbler’

Hi there,

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts and stories?

Please consider joining the flyingbubbles blog!I invite you to become a ‘flyingbubbler’.

I’m the current and only author (flyingbubbler) of this blog. I wish to include different authors with different stories and perspectives. We can learn from each other. So, if you’d like to contribute then please send me an email at

Please note:

  1. I am not compensated in cash or kind for the books, sites and/or products I mention. I refer to them since they have impressed me in some way.
  2. I cannot compensate you for your contributions.
  3. There’s no word count to be followed or personal photo required.
  4. You need not use your real name or share your social media profiles. 
  5. But, if you like, you can link your article to your blog or books you’ve written or your social media profiles.
  6. This is a clean site so please steer clear from any and all offensive material, videos, and images.
  7. Feel free to comment on the posts, but please refrain from personal attacks and maintain decency. We have enough bad going around already.
  8. As chief author of the blog, I reserve the right to reject articles, comments and photos that do not follow the ethos of my blog.

Hope you want to become a flyingbubbler…




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