7 Lessons from Gail Kelly for life & business

Choose to be positive and look for the learning, insights & opportunities in difficult times.Do what you love, love what you do- this leads to confidence, energy and doing more. It's a cycle.Be bold, dig deep - you may be scared but back yourself using your internal resources and external support.Right people on the bus,... Continue Reading →

5 tools to reduce stress in two minutes

Bill Rielly had it all: a degree from West Point, an executive position at Microsoft, strong faith, a great family life, and plenty of money. He even got along well with his in-laws! So why did he have so much stress and anxiety that he could barely sleep at night? ...Continue Reading

Don’t double dip your chip!

Long ago I attended my friend's house-warming party where booze was in full flow and finger food too! The mouth-watering finger food dishes came with their own dips. This is where my story begins. I don't know about you, but I have a problem with people double-dipping their chip or samosa into the common chutney/sauce... Continue Reading →

3 simple ways to help your wandering mind

Mind wandering is very common in this age of innumerable distractions. Daniel Goleman  shows you how you can reclaim your wandered mind. Three Quick Fixes for the Wandering Mind

Some stories about Friday the 13th

Last week's Friday was 13 May. Do you believe in the superstitions around the combo of the day and date? Check these out:- 13 Odd and Creepy Real Things That Happened on Friday the 13th 2. For the movie fans: The Entire Friday The 13th Story movie Finally Explained https://youtu.be/_xCwxln6Kj4 https://youtu.be/PRhC7qmak0w

Some Covid lockdown terms

Here's columnist Richard Glover's A to Z guide to life in lockdown. Thankfully we are out of lockdowns but we can relate to some of these terms.

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