Teleconference etiquette or lack thereof…

Teleconference or Zoom meetings were the norm when working from home during the recent pandemic. Like you, I have had many memorable [?] moments!.

Please allow me to introduce you to the few participants, I have engaged with through my many Zoom meetings.

 Say hello to…

  1. Darth Vader or the heavy breather–  this is someone who  doesn’t realise that they are breathing into the phone. It feels like they have walked up a few flights of stairs. Can’t they hear themselves?
  2. The Muncher– this is someone who loves having a crunchy snack or two during the meeting. Have you heard someone like that? it’s pretty annoying. At one point I did want to ask them to suck on a lozenge or candy but I realised that their sucking could be annoying too!
  3. The Typer– this is the person who is feverishly typing on his/her laptop (please tell me they are typing the minutes of the meeting)  and not replying to their mates on Facebook!!
  4. The Whisperer– we can still hear you even if you think you are quiet or talking in a low tone. Talk about your date later thank you!

To all these teleconference participants,  I have a humble request – please use the mute button on your phone while you are either munching or typing and come back when you have something to say.

I think you’ll enjoy this video!

What do you think?

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