Don’t double dip your chip!

Long ago I attended my friend’s house-warming party where booze was in full flow and finger food too! The mouth-watering finger food dishes came with their own dips.

This is where my story begins. I don’t know about you, but I have a problem with people double-dipping their chip or samosa into the common chutney/sauce bowl.

Double dipping in the context of a party, is when a person dips her/his chip or pakora s/he has already taken a bite out of, into the common dip bowl  for the second time.

In this particular party, there was a guy with a bad cold who did the unthinkable… he DOUBLE-DIPPED!! When he did this, all I could imagine was the bacteria and the germs creeping into the bowl. YIKES!!!

Just when I thought I was the weird one, I remembered this scene from Seinfeld so I’m not alone 🙂

How cool are you with double dipping?

2 thoughts on “Don’t double dip your chip!

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  1. Hi Aarti. I can really relate with your double-dipping chips article because I feel the same way about the topic and hate when people do that, especially if the sauce is delicious. Aarti, you have made your blog a relatable read to all(including me)

    Bon travail!
    Tres Bien!


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