7 Lessons from Gail Kelly for life & business

  1. Choose to be positive and look for the learning, insights & opportunities in difficult times.
  2. Do what you love, love what you do- this leads to confidence, energy and doing more. It’s a cycle.
  3. Be bold, dig deep – you may be scared but back yourself using your internal resources and external support.
  4. Right people on the bus, wrong people off – asking if the right people are in the right roles is a factor leading to leadership and organisational success. (Read Good to Great by Jim Collins).
  5. Vision – communicating vision and purpose in a crystal clear way is important. Equally important is asking the question “why do we exist”.
  6. Generosity of spirit – treat individuals with respect and want them to flourish.
  7. Live a whole life- live a well balanced life with clear priorities.

Lessons extracted from-

Westpac CEO Gail Kelly’s seven lessons for life and business

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  1. Hi. I think this is a post that everyone needs to help bring a bit of insight and advice into their lives. Thanks for posting this advice.


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