What type of presenter are you?

I’m about to make a presentation to my colleagues and I was browsing the Internet for some presentation “inspiration”.  I closed my eyes and thought about all the presentations I have been a part of, the ones that stayed with me, the ones I liked the most and why.

Here is how I classify presenters

  1. The Academic – this is the presenter who gives you lots of facts and figures and case studies. She uses all this information to support her point.
  2. The Storyteller – this is the presenter who tells you a story. She begins with a story and peppers the whole presentation with anecdotes, jokes and personal stories.
  3. The Actor – this is the presenter who likes using her body and hands a lot while presenting. She uses gestures while walking around the stage and even interacts with the audience.
  4. The Bore – this is the presenter who reads out the bullet points on a powerpoint slide word for word. Wouldn’t it be easier to ask us to read it in our heads?

There are surely many archetypes out there but these are the ones that came to mind immediately. My favourite presenter type is like Simon Sinek. He’s got stories, he’s academic and very enthusiastic about the subject he is talking about.

3 thoughts on “What type of presenter are you?

Add yours

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post.
    The day before yesterday I had a presentation on #Upanishads. It was a brief introduction on Vedanta. It was mostly like an Academic one as you described.
    However I will follow what you have shared for better performance.
    By the way can you please share your mail id so that I can share few ideas on few topics.
    My mail id is
    Best wishes 😃


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