Meaning behind flyingbubbles

Hi reader and friend !

I named my blog “flyingbubbles” when I entered the world of blogging a decade ago.

Truth be told, I was a bit apprehensive about rebooting my old blog in the current climate of ‘travel bubbles’ and ‘bio bubbles’. Today, the word bubble brings to mind an image of being confined to a location. This principle completely opposes the reason why I chose the name ‘flyingbubbles’

Bubbles are so much fun. They make us happy. A bubble bath after a hard day is soothing, a kid squealing with laughter when blowing bubbles makes us six years old again, someone with a bubbly spirit is lively, happy, excited and let’s not forget celebrations with our bubbly (you know what I’m referring to don’t you?)

For me, bubbles have a deeper meaning about stress levels. I like to recognise bubbles as:

1. The flying kind-

These ones are light,take flight and reach heights before popping. 

  • They remind me of people who are calm and composed with a stress-free attitude to life.
  • This relaxed mindset allows people to lighten up to achieve everything they set their mind to.

2. The stationery kind-

These ones are too d(t)ense to float and are fixed in the same place with very little movement. 

  • They remind me of  people who are normally always stressed and worried.
  • This stressed mindset seems to wear these people down. 

3. The popping kind-

These ones pop the moment they are blown into a bubble.

  • They remind me of people who wilt under pressure and even feel like a victim at times.
  • This mindset is rigid and stops one from trying..

Which kind of bubble describes you?

I am constantly aiming to be the first kind, a flying bubble…

Welcome to flyingbubbles!!!!!!

What do you think?

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