A poem on the parent-child relationship

'Swayed Connection' by blogger Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy Little,baby,girl of mine.Giggles,daily,with delight.......Continue reading

Book Review: The Bourne Supremacy

Sometimes you have to wonder how a sequel will follow a book that had a good ending. Will the author force a plot or will it feel believable? Those are some things I wondered when diving into the second book in the Jason Bourne novels, the Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum... Continue reading...

A love poem-we finally say, I love you

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Photo by abdul samad on Unsplash

like scenes
in an
uncommon mystery

dejection gives way,
and inside
we feel
that glow again, nay


burning bright,
without naught,
is alright

making sense
holding the promise
of yesteryear

a kiss,
and a wish,
given to you, silently

whilst you slept,
so lovingly,
without notice
or a commingled
promise kept

two hearts
beat as one,
as light
enters the room,
the fragments
of loss felt

and, then
what’s left…

and me,
forever true,
as we finally say,

I love you

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My article got a Pingback-so excited!

Hi, I restarted blogging a few weeks ago after a long break. I'm excited that my article on The difference between ‘bourgeois’ and ‘bourgeoisie’ got included here. Thank you 'From guestwriters'. It was a happy surprise... Bon week-end!

An invitation to become a ‘flyingbubbler’

Hi there, Are you interested in sharing your thoughts and stories? Please consider joining the flyingbubbles blog!I invite you to become a 'flyingbubbler'. I’m the current and only author (flyingbubbler) of this blog. I wish to include different authors with different stories and perspectives. We can learn from each other. So, if you’d like to... Continue Reading →

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