Did you know? -The Juba dance or Hambone

The Juba dance or hambone, originally known as Pattin' Juba (Giouba, Haiti: Djouba), is an African-American style of dance that involves stomping as well as slapping and patting the arms, legs, chest, and cheeks (clapping). "Pattin' Juba" would be used to keep time for other dances during a walkaround. A Juba dance performance could include: ...Continue reading https://youtu.be/m9kaQ3ZKPE0 https://youtu.be/gOsYePAu5Ho

DIY for this girl from Mumbai

 I was born and raised in Mumbai and have been living in Australia for nearly two decades now. Last evening,  I saw some photos of my earlier life proudly posing with a newly constructed IKEA table. Drumroll please… The table was my Taj Mahal. I had put it together with the instructions sheet and the... Continue Reading →

Use what Einstein used to boost creativity

It’s been more than 2,200 years since Archimedes ran naked through the streets of Sicily shouting, “Eureka!” (“I’ve found it!”), but there’s still a lot we could learn from that moment. As the legend goes, the Greek mathematician figured out how to prove the king’s crown was not pure gold...Continue Reading

What’s common between The Mumbai Police & The Buckingham Palace?

Answer: Their musical bands. Check out The Mumbai Police band playing 'Srivalli'. https://youtu.be/qvCTSTrV_u4 Check out The Buckingham Palace guards playing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcRkbY0GP4k

How you can make a professional & personal transformation

A personal change starts when something inside us switches on (more good) or off (less bad) and like a snake we become ready to discard the old and embrace the new. At the business level we examine the current situation and kick off business transformation initiatives when we want to change the status quo. Try... Continue Reading →

Calling all Sir David Attenborough & Adele fans…

Watch Attenborough narrating popstar Adele's Hello. https://youtu.be/enu-qR0H_uk Image sources-wikipedia

‘Gangnam Style’, ‘Despacito’ and now ‘Srivalli’ is all over the Internet

 There are many songs that have become a rage globally. I note a few here: 1. Gangnam Style by PSY became quite the rage on the Internet. Many of us don't understand a word but we dance to it anyway. Original Gangnam Style- video PSY teaches the Gangnam Style dance to Ellen DeGeneres and Britney... Continue Reading →

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