Movie time – Thor: Love and Thunder 

I watched Thor: Love and Thunder last weekend Here’s what I think... The special effects are awesome as in all Marvel movies. Thor and his relationship with his hammer (Mjölnir) is always special. Russell Crowe is good in his role as Zeus . The official trailer Thor: Love and Thunder and IMDB info Photo... Continue Reading →

Some stories about Friday the 13th

Last week's Friday was 13 May. Do you believe in the superstitions around the combo of the day and date? Check these out:- 13 Odd and Creepy Real Things That Happened on Friday the 13th 2. For the movie fans: The Entire Friday The 13th Story movie Finally Explained

Some Covid lockdown terms

Here's columnist Richard Glover's A to Z guide to life in lockdown. Thankfully we are out of lockdowns but we can relate to some of these terms.

Hear from productivity experts at the Peak Work Performance virtual summit.

Get some tips to increase your work performance from productivity experts. Join the virtual peak work performance virtual summit here. The link takes you to a registration page. There are both free and paid versions. I always opt for the free version-in this version the summit is for free for 24 hours. The summit runs... Continue Reading →

French Thursdays-#1-l’élection présidentielle en France

C’est Emmanuel Macron qui a gagné l’élection présidentielle en France, encore une fois.  L’élection australienne arrive au mois de mai. Qui va gagner?  Les Australiens attendent avec impatience. Veuillez trouver ici un vidéo intéressant - Macron en 10 expressions Bonne journée!

What’s common between The Mumbai Police & The Buckingham Palace?

Answer: Their musical bands. Check out The Mumbai Police band playing 'Srivalli'. Check out The Buckingham Palace guards playing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

Barcodes & QR codes-What’s the difference?

I didn't know anything about QR codes, then I had to start using them when the COVID pandemic hit. Some articles that made it simple for me. Here's a simple article that explains QR codes.Barcodes vs QR codes

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