Shane Warne loved his pizza!

Sadly, the legendary Shane Warne is no longer with us. There have been countless articles on his cricketing prowess so I won't talk about that here. But, just like his bowling, his commentary was entertaining too especially his love for pizza . Check it out: Video resurfaces of the time Shane Warne IGNORED his cricket... Continue Reading →

This Women’s Day-Saluting ‘Lucie Aubrac’

Happy Women's Day! Warm wishes to all the girls and women out there. Thank you to all the men who value women and treat us with respect. Checkout today's Google doodle commemorating women in all areas. Also, this Women's Day, I would like to acknowledge one of the most influential and  brave women in the... Continue Reading →

‘Gangnam Style’, ‘Despacito’ and now ‘Srivalli’ is all over the Internet

 There are many songs that have become a rage globally. I note a few here: 1. Gangnam Style by PSY became quite the rage on the Internet. Many of us don't understand a word but we dance to it anyway. Original Gangnam Style- video PSY teaches the Gangnam Style dance to Ellen DeGeneres and Britney... Continue Reading →

Should global sporting events continue or not?- The debate 

Over the last two years, everyone I have been talking with (friends around the globe, relatives in India or colleagues and friends in Australia) seem to give me an account of their direct or indirect Covid experience. Even if we do talk about other things, somehow the Covid story takes centre stage (the list of... Continue Reading →

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