Use one or all of these 16 ways to increase your happiness

For every person, happiness looks different. It could be being content with who you are, having a solid group of friends who are willing to accept you, or having the ability to follow your wildest aspirations...Continue reading

Photography and rock climbing

Given how climbing is an expression itself, it is no surprise that artists have found inspiration in climbing. In this new series, Art in Rock Climbing, ...Continue reading

Some exercise tips to strengthen your body

Strength training goes hand in hand with cardiovascular exercise for a healthy body. Muscles can be conditioned by using any equipment that produces resistance against the muscles. The resulting...Continue reading

Use what Einstein used to boost creativity

It’s been more than 2,200 years since Archimedes ran naked through the streets of Sicily shouting, “Eureka!” (“I’ve found it!”), but there’s still a lot we could learn from that moment. As the legend goes, the Greek mathematician figured out how to prove the king’s crown was not pure gold...Continue Reading

Shane Warne loved his pizza!

Sadly, the legendary Shane Warne is no longer with us. There have been countless articles on his cricketing prowess so I won't talk about that here. But, just like his bowling, his commentary was entertaining too especially his love for pizza . Check it out: Video resurfaces of the time Shane Warne IGNORED his cricket... Continue Reading →

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