Editorial Policy

Hi reader and friend!

Please note:

  1. I am not compensated in cash or kind for the books, sites and/or products I mention. I refer to them since they have impressed me in some way.
  2. I cannot offer you any compensation for your contributions.
  3. This is a clean site and will not include any offensive material, videos, and images.
  4. Feel free to comment on the posts, but please refrain from personal attacks and maintain decency. We have enough bad going around already.
  5. As owner of the blog, I reserve the right to reject articles, comments and photos that do not follow the ethos of my blog.
  6. All links in the articles are active at the time of publication. Future availability cannot be guaranteed
  7. All photos are sourced from Pixabay as per their Free to Use model (“What is Allowed?”) under the Pixabay Simplified Licence.

See you soon…



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