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Hi reader and friend!

Would you like to share what you’ve written, read or perhaps drawn? Have you stumbled upon an interesting, useful or amusing video or article? Would you like to share?

That’s awesome!

Please email your contribution/link to

Please note :

I cannot offer you any compensation for your contributions


  • Please note the link I use is to your original article/link, I do not make further changes.
  • Since I link it to the original article, your post will have all its contents intact.
  • The only additions from my end, are to the  heading to the post on my blog and a relevant photo.
  • I use about 50-150 words from the original article and then supply the link like I have done here- Do you think you are falling behind in life?
  • I will let you know when I schedule it

You may want to read the editorial policy so we are on the same page.

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